Well what can i say? i had a bit of stress getting all my stuff ready for my for my 1 year Thailand trip, but i managed to get it all done. I live in northern California and my plane leaves from San Francisco, so i drove down today to visit some family before i leave on the 18th. To this point i am not excited, i was like this the last time i went to Thailand, I have no idea why it seems like i get excited when i arrive at the hotel. That welcoming feeling of the Thai people or just that everyone at the hotel remembers me, it's a vary relaxing feeling. As i look forward to the future i know i will have a great time going to the beach almost everyday and relaxing.



(7-18-2007) -USA     (7-19-2007) -JAPAN

 Right now I'm sitting in Japan waiting for my Thailand flight the trip from the states was long, as always but, the pilot said we landed early so that means it's a longer layover for me, about 4 hours. So that is why im writing this, first of all i want to keep you updated as much as possible and second,  thare is really nothing else to do. well i have a hotel reserved for 1 month  and in that time i plan to find a condo to stay in for the rest of the year. i cant wait to get to Thailand because  once again i have some new friends that i have been talking to online and plan to meet them in person. The 21st   thee of them are going to take me to some beach and spend the day thare. and to day 1 friend is meeting me at the airport with a taxi  ware we will meet for the 1st time.


So Beautiful.



I have finally made it to Thailand and am safe  no problems on the plane, just boring. well i can now say that my holiday has started and i am so excited now to spend time with friends and eat some great food. i got to the hotel about 12:00am and could not sleep so i just watched some tv until the morning. Now i am a little tired because right now it is 3:00am in America aznd i should be sleeping  but it is day time in Thailand now, I will be sleeping good tonight :)   Well as i said i will be going to the beach tomorrow with 3 new friends that i have never seen before but thay seem really nice and i think we will all have good time together. i will put some pictures up asap i bought a new digital camera just for this trip and am looking forward to taking some great pictures. well i am hungry now so i will go for now.

The sky looks like this everynight.



Well its been a while sence  my latest update i have not forgotten just been busy relaxing on the beautiful Thai lad beaches. Like i said its been two months so i will get you updated with the latest, i stayed in a 5 star hotel over looking the beach the 1st month and then moved to my  appartment which is also overlooking the beach, what a great life. The last to months have gone and passed so fast this next month coming up i will be going to Cambodia to renew my visa stamp "have to do it every 3 months" and it is a 1 day trip so not to bad, i go with a group of 6 people and pay about $50.00USD   get breakfast lunch and watch movies in a luxtury mini bus. The pictures on this page i have taken and is just a sample of how beautiful Thailand is.


Beautiful Beach.


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